Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm pretty sure that the JP's office or a destination wedding would have been MUCH simpler. There is entirely too much to plan when it comes to weddings. If I had a million dollars...I would definitely have hired a wedding planner to do all of this. Some of it is fun..but parts of it are frustrating! We changed our colors (or at least one) a couple of weeks ago to pool and brown. Cody didn't like the other color I had originally planned to go with the we're going with brown. It was a great decision because you can find TONS of stuff in blue and brown! I have my bridesmaid dresses, my dress, a place, a pastor, a bakery, a man...and that's it. lol We're meeting with a photographer this weekend and I really need to get on the ball with finding a florist and hair stylist and stuff like that. We also have to go pick out tuxes...but I'm leaving that up to Cody.

Keith, Beth, Wyatt, and William were here all of last week. The house became "baby-proofed" very quickly! Wyatt just finished his first season of football! He's in 6th grade now and he loved it. William is beginning to walk. He takes about 4 steps then starts giggling and falls down. (Sounds like his Aunt Anna!) It will be fantastic when they can move back to Texas.

The big game is tomorrow night...yikes. BTHO tu! WHOOP!

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randa said...

I can rent my wedding knowledge to you for a small fee...