Monday, January 11, 2010

The holiday season is over!! Goodbye Thanksgiving, Goodbye Christmas, and Goodbye New Year's! All of this is very important because the end of the holidays, means the beginning of fabulous reality TV: American Idol, The Bachelor, True Love/Beauty & the Geek/Whatever Ashton Kutcher comes up with this year, and equally as important as reality TV, the birth of Pam & Jim's baby! As long as Ellen Degeneres doesn't ruin American Idol for me, it looks like my DVR will be getting another terrific spring workout! There will also be new Criminal Minds and CSI's contending for space on the DVR! Of course, the problem is that I always end up watching them live so that text messages from friends make sense and don't spoil things!

Aside from the boobtube, I am making preparations for spring. There are flowerbeds to fill, flowerbeds to build, bushes to uproot, and irises to up-bulb and destroy. I have made a list of flower seeds that I want and Cody has approved! I think he secretly knows that if he doesn't let me have lots of flowers, I will get upset about all of his vegetable and herb seeds. :) I learned an important lesson last year...Delphinium does not grow here! Don't let Home Depot convince you otherwise!