Monday, January 5, 2009

Do you ever get that whole "used" feeling after all of the hullabaloo that comes along with Christmas? It's so exciting and new every year and you can't wait for Christmas morning...then it finally happens. You open all of your gifts...others open their gifts...and in a matter of a couple of hours (or minutes)'s all over. You just sit there and look at eachother. I usually get that feeling, but this year was different. I had Christmas from Dec. 22 through Jan. 2. I felt like Christmas would NEVER end. I think that feeling was way worse. I will no longer feel "used" after Christmas! Now I know there is the whole "true meaning of Christmas" aspect and all of that...but I'm being really honest right now...we are all guilty of putting more into Christmas shopping and gifts than we are into celebrating the birth of our Saviour. This is sad and selfish...but just compare sales records to church records for the month of December and you'll see how true it is.

Moving on....

I've never been a fan of sex education, but after a semester of teaching a bunch of high school kids, I'm beginning to change my mind. Unless you work with teenagers on a daily, or at least weekly, basis, you are probably oblivious to all of the false information they are fed from who knows where. Maybe it's because I teach biology, but the majority of these kids have absolutely no clue about STD risks or pregnancies...yet they are sexually active. I have girls who believe you have a higher risk of pregnancy while ON your period. I'm sure some hot-blooded boys have convinced them of this. I'm not supporting the notion to pass out condoms at lunch or anything like that, but I am in support of a class that teaches absolute truths when it comes to being sexually active. I have 14 year olds that believe AIDS only affects gay males. Maybe it should be incorporated into health class or have a specially certified teacher. Maybe it should not be a coed class. Maybe we should do away with TAKS and it can be incorporated into Biology. :) No matter how it's done...I really think something has to give. I understand that many believe this is the job of parents, but I don't think these people understand how irresponsible most parents are.

Ok...that's my soapbox for today.

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randa said...

I totally agree with you on the whole educate the young people about sex and all that comes with it. I am totally blown away every year by the number of kids in my 7th grade class that have no clue about HIV and AIDS. They think you can get it from a toilet seat. They have been misinformed by so many and the parents can't educate them, because most don't have a clue themselves!